What Makes VULNERA Different?

Closing the vulnerability management feedback loop

The Modern Vulnerability Management Program

The modern vulnerability management program requires continuous and comprehensive asset discovery, port scanning, and vulnerability scanning. But it doesn’t end there, organizations must prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation, and then validate that they are successfully resolved. The “how”, “why”, and “when” issues were remediated must also be tracked, as this is evidence of a functioning program.

VULNERA addresses the fundamental challenges organizations face when building and running a vulnerability management program.

  • Continuous Assessments – Gain visibility into your constantly changing attack surface

  • Real-Time Dashboard – Get the most up-to-date information on assets, network services, and vulnerabilities

  • Asset Insights – Identify and monitor known and unknown assets and services connect to the network

  • Vulnerability Intelligence – Intelligence-driven data for prioritizing and remediating vulnerabilities

  • VSCORE Prioritization – Determine which risk should be actioned first, beyond CVSS and severity ratings, no AI or ML needed

  • Remediation Validation – Continuously retest and validate effectiveness of remediation activities

  • Audit-Ready Reporting – Centralize security controls documentation and validate compliance initiatives

VULNERA is a single source-of-truth on the current and historical status of assets, services, and vulnerabilities. By performing continuous testing, followed with risk-based prioritization, and remediation validation – all in one place – we simplify vulnerability management.

Continuous Assessments

Real-Time Dashboard

Asset Insights

Vulnerability Intelligence

VSCORE Prioritization

Remediation Validation

Audit Ready Reports

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