Distributed Workforce

Respond to the security challenges of a remote workforce.

Securing Your Remote Workforce

With working from home – and across the globe – as the “new normal”, the proliferation of improperly secured devices has caused increases in ransomware, firmware attacks, exploitation of unpatched vulnerabilities, and data leaks.

Unfortunately, security tools have not kept pace with the advancement of sophisticated threats. That is why continuous security testing has become even more important to defenders who are trying to keep pace. It is a dynamic way to identify and mitigate the risks that  may put the organization’s data and security at significant risk.

Remote Work Security Risks for Employees

VULNERA Solutions

Continuous (24x7x365) asset discovery, vulnerability scanning, and remediation validation with annual penetration testing.

How VULNERA Helps You

Identifies New Attack Vectors

Detect emerging vulnerabilities and mitigate critical issues before attackers sneak into systems and wreak havoc

Tackle Critical Threats First

Helps prioritize threats by considering complete context around vulnerability and impacted assets

Recommendations for Mitigating Risk

Contextualized data and debrief with a domain expert will help develop a roadmap for remediation

Build Confidence in Security Posture

After mitigating  discovered vulnerabilities, re-scan to validate that your controls have fixed the issue and systems are secure

Accelerate Security Teams

Schedule a free consultation with a vulnerability expert to discuss your use cases and to see a demo.