Retesting and Validation

Ensure that patches are working and didn’t cause collateral damage within the network.

Validate Security Controls are Effective

While it is vital to apply patches and fixes when vulnerabilities are identified, patch validation and testing can present a number of challenges for resource-constrained operations teams. Teams can struggle to understand if the security controls applied have improved security or have caused collateral damage to the network. 

VULNERA’s solutions automatically retest the environment and compare against the baseline to ensure patches and other controls working as intended and are configured properly. And then documents the results including the “how” and “why”.

Why Legacy Vulnerability Management Fails

VULNERA Solutions

Short-term (60-90 days) asset discovery, continuous vulnerability scanning, and remediation validation.

Continuous (24x7x365) asset discovery, vulnerability scanning, and remediation validation with annual penetration testing.

How VULNERA Helps You

Testing and Validation

Continuously and automatically monitor hosts, services, and infrastructure for newly discovered vulnerabilities, with real-time alerts and notifications via the dashboard


Real-Time Threat Updates

Continuous assessment results alert teams to potential weaknesses and allow them to take action or implement on the spot decisions in response to real-time information


Reduce Administrative Time

Automate baseline and post-patching status by continuously and automatically assessing vulnerabilities that are new, remediated, or persistent in the environment

Fulfills Multi-Test Requirements

Requirements for testing on major changes or multiple tests per year are achieved through continuous testing. Reports and attestations can be generated at any time

Accelerate Security Teams

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