Vulnerability Assessment

Point-in-time review of computer systems, applications, and network infrastructure.

Point-in-Time Review

7 – 14 day assessment

This short-term assessment of your internal, external, and cloud environments is often used to satisfy an audit, third-party request, internal initiative, or other requirements to perform a security assessment. Includes:

  • Asset Insights
  • Audit-Ready Reporting
  • Continuous Assessment (1-2 weeks)
  • VSCORE Prioritization
  • Vulnerability Intelligence

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One-Time Assessment

All security assessments (the good ones at least) require a formal scoping process to review target environments and understand assessment drivers.

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How One-Time Assessments Help You

Understand Your
Attack Surface

  • Compile an inventoried list of all the devices on your network
  • Discover vulnerabilities associated with connected assets
  • Detect and correct any security weaknesses before attackers can exploit them


  • Take a proactive stance in closing gaps and maintaining strong security
  • Discover weaknesses in internal, external, and cloud networks
  • Remediation roadmap helps fix issues before they can be exploited

More Accurate Snapshot of Environment

  • Aggregated data helps you understand trends over time

  • Scanned at recurring intervals across a 14-day period for better accuracy
  • Report is audit-ready and includes executive and technical summaries

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