New Vulnerability Management Program

Know your assets, applications, and risk exposure.

End-to-End Vulnerability Management Solutions

A well-run vulnerability management program is the foundation that supports an organization’s corporate security, risk, and compliance programs. It provides a roadmap for security teams to know what is expected of them and how they will use the resources they have.

One step in establishing a new plan involves developing tools to discover, track, and determine the disposition of vulnerabilities in the environment. VULNERA helps organizations with an integrated solution that not only identifies and prioritizes vulnerabilities, it goes a step further by validating security controls are effective and documenting progress in real-time.

Building a Vulnerability Management Program

VULNERA Solutions

Continuous (24x7x365) asset discovery, vulnerability scanning, and remediation validation with annual penetration testing.

How VULNERA Helps You

Discovery of Vulnerabilities

Continuously identify and understand assets in your environment along with any vulnerabilities they may introduce

Prioritization & Reporting

Identify and classify the risks posed along with a prioritized list of those with most risk to the organization

Validation of Remediation

Ensure the controls taken to remediate vulnerabilities were effective in reducing risk to the environment

Establishes Improvement KPIs

Auditors, customers, and other parties regularly seek independent verification that remediation was successful

Accelerate Security Teams

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