Heavily Regulated

Implement security controls to decrease cybersecurity risk and meet compliance requirements.

Simplifying the Security Audit

Organizations in regulated industries such as healthcare or fintech are no stranger to the pressures of compliance. No matter which regulating authority your organization is impacted by, vulnerability scanning is a best practice recommendation and is included in top industry standards like NIST 800.53, PCI DSS, and HIPAA.

If you are in any of these sectors, VULNERA solutions give you the peace of mind that you are meeting all your security obligations. Upon completion, you’ll receive a letter of attestation from us confirming you have conducted a third-party security review. Gain the insight and advice you need to identify and mitigate risk according to the standards of your regulated environment.

Compliance Challenges

VULNERA Solutions

Identify vulnerabilities, prioritize risk, and build a remediation roadmap over a 1-week engagement.

Continuous (24x7x365) asset discovery, vulnerability scanning, and remediation validation with annual penetration testing.

How VULNERA Helps You

Simplify Auditing and Reporting

Monitor critical changes to security measures and provide a prioritized remediation roadmap with support documentation


Real-Time Threat Detection

Discover new IT assets, identify systems at risk, user activity, and privileges in critical systems

Improve Efficiencies in Compliance

Coordinate intelligence and defensive actions through real-time information about vulnerabilities and service exposures

Remediation Tracking

Test and validate that security controls are effective in reducing risk across the environment

Accelerate Security Teams

Schedule a free consultation with a vulnerability expert to discuss your use cases and to see a demo.