Cyber Insurance

Add another layer of protection to your cybersecurity tools.

Prepare for Cyber Insurance Underwriting

Any business that stores their own financial data or any personal customer data such as phone numbers, credit card numbers, or Social Security numbers either online or on a computer are at risk of a cyber attack and may be helped by obtaining a cybersecurity insurance policy.

As the number of attacks continues to grow, insurers have started intensively scrutinizing their clients’ cybersecurity practices and operational security. They are expecting policyholders to do more than just protect their data and systems. To ensure your organization has the right level of insurance when you need it most, it is critical to prepare for the application process itself.

Prevent Future Breaches

VULNERA Solutions

Identify vulnerabilities, prioritize risk, and build a remediation roadmap over a multi-week engagement.

Short-term (60-90 days) asset discovery, continuous vulnerability scanning, and remediation validation.

Continuous (24x7x365) asset discovery, vulnerability scanning, and remediation validation with annual pentesting.

How VULNERA Helps You


Gain Asset Insights

Identify what assets and services are connecting to your network and which have access to systems and sensitive data

Test & Audit Security Controls

Automated, high-level tests look for and report on any potential vulnerabilities in the environment

Strengthen Security Posture

After mitigating  discovered vulnerabilities, re-scan to validate that your controls are effective

Reduce Organizational Risk

Take the appropriate steps to identify exposures, remediate vulnerabilities, and reduce exposure

Accelerate Security Teams

Schedule a free consultation with a vulnerability expert to discuss your use cases and to see a demo.