Remediation Validation

Classify and validate effective removal of security vulnerabilities in real-time.

Validate Effectiveness of Controls

60 – 90 day assessment

Perform an assessment and work through a remediation phase where vulnerabilities can be validated as resolved. Allows organizations to address the root cause of security issues and misconfigurations as well as validate the vulnerability management program is working. Includes: 

  • Asset Insights
  • Audit-Ready Reporting
  • Continuous Assessments
  • VSCORE Prioritization
  • Vulnerability Intelligence
  • Remediation Tracking
  • Real-Time Dashboard

VULNERA vs Vulnerability Scanners

An end-to-end solution to vulnerability management vs a security testing tool

How Remediation Validation Helps You

Create an Effective Detection–Remediation Loop

  • Maintains accountability for ensuring remediation is completed
  • Demonstrates vulnerability management program maturity
  • Remediation activities are reported against prescribed SLAs

Continuous Detection and Validation

  • Status of the environment is reported in real-time
  • Monitors for permissions changes, enabled services, and more
  • Tests security controls at scale to generate real-time insight on risk

Meet Data Protection and Compliance Requirements

  • Automatically documents security controls used to remediate issues
  • Provides independent confirmation of security controls are working

  • A single source-of-truth for security and compliance teams

Accelerate Security Teams

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