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Discovery. Assessment.
Threat Prioritization.
Remediation Validation.

All in one solution.

We founded VULNERA to enable our customers to continuously identify, classify, and remediate security vulnerabilities. A single solution allows you to discover assets across the environment and assess them for vulnerabilities. Threats are assigned a VSCORE for criticality so your team can prioritize for remediation. The environment is continuously retested to ensure success and metrics are available to you via the dashboard.

This fully-managed solution saves time, money, and resources for your vulnerability management program. Eliminates the pains of building, buying, and managing security tools and personnel.

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Perform non-stop security testing to identify exposed services, vulnerabilities, insecure configurations, and a number of other security weaknesses. Get unparalleled visibility into your constantly changing environment with VULNERA solutions.

7 – 14 Day Assessment

Satisfy an audit, third-party request, internal initiative, or other requirement to perform  a security assessment.

60 – 90 Day Assessment

Conduct an assessment and work through remediation so you can validate vulnerabilities are resolved.

24x7x365 Assessment

Continuously tackle vulnerability management with visibility into assets, vulnerabilities, and remediation progress.

VULNERA vs Vulnerability Scanners

An end-to-end solution to vulnerability management vs a security testing tool

Continuous Testing Enhances Security

If you want a solution where someone will look after you 24/7 and give you a very flexible, professional, and quality service – you want VULNERA. The continuous testing provided very credible findings, insights, and outlined clear improvements that we were able to implement to enhance our security. The whole process raised the bar of our cybersecurity defenses.

Alfred Valerio
Chief Information Security Officer

Continuous Coverage

Assets Identified
Services Enumerated
Vulnerabilities Reported

Accelerate Security Teams

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