VULNERA for IT & Security Teams

Risk-based vulnerability management helps prioritize threats while managing budgets and resources.

Reduce Time to Remediation

Vulnerability management can be a time-consuming, complex process. It involves identifying threats, understanding their impact on the network, calculating their risk to the organization, and prioritizing which to remediate.

VULNERA’s risk-based solutions help you stay protected from threats while helping take some of the burden off your staff.

  • Unparalleled visibility into your constantly changing attack surface
  • Gain time to remediate issues through automation
  • Create standardized and repeatable processes across the environment

How VULNERA Helps IT & Security Teams

Having been go-to experts in vulnerabilities for the past 20 years across businesses of all sizes and industries, we understand the risks that organizations face. We founded VULNERA to enable our customers to continuously identify, classify, and remediate security vulnerabilities without the pains of building, buying, and managing security tools and personnel.

Focus on the issues that are most critical to the organization
  • Make informed decisions about prioritizing vulnerabilities, remediation, and incident response
  • Focus limited resources on fixing what’s broken

  • Uncover hidden vulnerabilities throughout the attack surface and the risks posed

Remediation Tracking

Validate effectiveness of security controls applied
  • Closes the risk–remediation feedback loop, enabling autonomy amongst team members
  • Requires little manual intervention beyond remediation

  • Monitors when issues are closed and provides insight into action taken

Real-time information on vulnerabilities
  • Gain a clear understanding of risk tolerance to help set priorities and manage risk
  • Speed deployment of proactive safety measures

  • Identify critical cyber threats including unpatched vulnerabilities and insecure protocols on assets

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Use Cases

Alert Fatigue

Traditional approaches to managing security alerts often drives teams into reactive mode when overwhelmed by large volumes of noisy alerts or spending too much time gathering information and analyzing log files. VULNERA helps organizations get ahead of alerts by zeroing in on the vulnerabilities that matter most with contextualized data.

Distributed Workforce

With WFH and distributed workforces, the proliferation of improperly secured devices has caused increases in ransomware, firmware attacks, and more. Continuous security testing helps organizations secure networks by assessing the constantly changing landscape.

Expanding Attack Surface

Dependency on the internet impacts all aspects of human life, including education, healthcare, business, financial transactions, and more. Safeguarding devices as well as the data and intellectual property that can be accessed through them has become increasingly difficult and complex. The continuously changing nature of cybercrime also leads to the difficulty in handling and avoiding emerging threats.

Incomplete Asset Inventory

That may seem obvious that you cannot protect what you don’t know you have. But if your organization does not have a comprehensive asset inventory, you run the risk of not knowing what is connected to your internal, external, and cloud networks. The ability to track and audit your inventory is a requirement for most security standards including HIPAA, PCI, and others.

Lack of Resources

Organizations face a persistent challenge trying to recruit and retain skilled cybersecurity professionals that are capable of protecting systems against the threat of malicious actors. Work shortages exist for nearly every position within cybersecurity, but the most acute needs are for highly-skilled technical staff. For companies lacking these skilled resources, choosing a fully managed vulnerability management solution can offer reliability, nonstop coverage, and better access to talent.

Remediation Validation

For security teams, maintaining compliance and guarding against evolving cyber threats represents a critical and continuous effort. It’s vital to apply patches and fixes when vulnerabilities are identified. But for resource-constrained operations teams, patch validation and testing can present a number of challenges.

Risk Prioritization

While the goal of the security team is to find and fix all vulnerabilities in the environment, that is a nearly impossible goal. Focusing on issues that pose the largest risk is the key to the success for a vulnerability management program. VULNERA helps security teams understand the connection between a vulnerability, the assets it affects, and the remediation strategies for prioritizing and fixing it across the organization.

Resources for IT & Security Teams

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