Penetration Testing

Proactively emulate attacks and exploits on vulnerabilities.

Emulate Attacks and Exploits Against Vulnerabilities

Identify exploitable issues and compensating controls

Penetration testing involves the use of manual and automated techniques to emulate an attack on vulnerabilities found in appliances, operating systems, services, and applications resulting from poor or improper system configuration, hardware and software flaws, and operational weaknesses in process or technical controls.

  • Builds upon a vulnerability assessment by demonstrating effectiveness of security controls

  • Highlights the risk posed by exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Validates the presence of compensating controls

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Penetration Testing

All penetration testing engagements (the good ones at least) require a formal scoping process to review target environments and understand assessment drivers. 

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How Penetration Testing Help You


Prevent Breaches

  • Take a real-world approach to evaluating your security controls

  • Remain proactive against persistent and evolving threats

  • Uncover gaps and remediate them before an actual attack occurs

Mature Your Environment

  • Identify exploitable vulnerabilities within your attack surface
  • Demonstrate your dedication to infosec and compliance
  • Discover how to optimize your overall security posture

Comply with Regulations

  • Avoid heavy fines associated with non-compliance
  • Demonstrate due diligence towards information security
  • Address the compliance obligations that are mandated by industry

Accelerate Security Teams

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