Lack of Resources

Gain reliability, nonstop coverage, and better access to skilled cybersecurity talent.

Move Beyond Skills Challenges

Organizations face a persistent challenge trying to recruit and retain skilled cybersecurity professionals that are capable of protecting systems against the threat of malicious actors. Work shortages exist for nearly every position within cybersecurity, but the most acute needs are for highly-skilled technical staff. 

Choosing a fully-managed solution can offer reliability, nonstop coverage, and better access to talent for companies battling increasing security breaches and cyber attacks. 

Ways to Tackle Resourcing Problems

VULNERA Solutions

Short-term (60-90 days) asset discovery, continuous vulnerability scanning, and remediation validation.

Continuous (24x7x365) asset discovery, vulnerability scanning, and remediation validation with annual penetration testing.

How VULNERA Helps You


Predictable Fixed Costs

CapEx and OpEx decrease since less equipment is needed. Organizations maximize time resources


Continuous Real-Time Monitoring

Continuous  assessments give early warnings on emerging threats so fixes can be applied before they become problems


Quicker Path to Maturity

Results are aggregated in a management console for centralized review, prioritization, remediation, and validation


Effective Time Management

Frees up time to focus on growth initiatives – outsourcing gives your organization one less thing to worry about

Accelerate Security Teams

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