VULNERA vs Vulnerability Scanners

How does VULNERA compare to vulnerability scanners?

Simplify Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability scanners are tools used by knowledgeable security resources to perform scans of environments. VULNERA is a wholistic solution to vulnerability management, consolidating the vulnerability management stack and addressing the fundamental challenges organizations face.

  • Management – The domain expertise required, resulting overhead, and friction

  • Asset Coverage – Ensuring comprehensive coverage, minimizing false positives and negatives

  • Continuous Scanning – Minimizing exposure time with comprehensive and continuous testing

  • Risk-Based Prioritization – Sorting and prioritizing with real-world exploitability risk

  • Remediation Validation – Confirming the how, why, and when issues are remediated

  • Audit Readiness – Preparing for an audit requires more than vulnerability scanner results

The modern vulnerability management program requires continuous and comprehensive asset discovery, port scanning, and vulnerability scanning. But it doesn’t end there, organizations must prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation, and then validate that they are successfully resolved. The “how”, “why”, and “when” issues were remediated must also be tracked, as this is evidence of a functioning program.

VULNERA is a single source-of-truth on the current and historical status of assets, services, and vulnerabilities. By performing continuous testing, followed with risk-based prioritization, and remediation validation – all in one place – we simplify vulnerability management.


Asset Coverage

Continuous Scanning

Risk-Based Prioritization

Remediation Validation

Audit Readiness


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