Critical Vulnerability in FortiNAC Exploited

February 21, 2023

Horizon3's Attack Team has released a PoC exploit for CVE-2022-39952, a critical vulnerability affecting Fortinet's network access control solution, FortiNAC. According to Zach Hanley, Chief Attack Engineer at Horizon3, "We use this vulnerability to write a cron job to /etc/cron.d/payload. This cron job gets triggered every minute and initiates a reverse shell to the attacker." Hanley also noted that attackers could overwrite and binary on the system that is regularly executed or SSH keys to a user profile. Greynoise has set up a tag to record CVE-2022-39952 exploitation attempts, but so far, none have been detected. To protect against this vulnerability, enterprise admins are advised to update their FortiNAC device(s) to version 9.4.1 or above, 9.2.6 or above, 9.1.8 or above, and 7.2.0 or above. As Hanley warned, "Arbitrary file write vulnerabilities can be abused in several ways to obtain remote code execution."

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