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Vulnerability Management That Validates Results

VULNERA closes the detection – remediation loop with solutions that go beyond traditional vulnerability management. Scanning and patching vulnerabilities are just the first steps.  Not only does VULNERA automate the identification of risks that are most critical in your environment, we focus on continuously validating your remediation efforts are reducing risk.

7 – 14 Day Assessment

Satisfy an audit, third-party request, internal initiative, or other requirement to perform a security assessment.

60 – 90 Day Assessment

Conduct an assessment and work through remediation so you can validate vulnerabilities are resolved.

24x7x375 Assessment

Continuously tackle vulnerability management with visibility into assets, vulnerabilities, and remediation progress.

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Track Trends Over Time

VULNERA helps your efforts by collecting and aggregating data from assets and services connecting to your internal, external, and cloud networks. This allows you to view both real-time and historical trends via the dashboards. This empowers you to:

  • Analyze trends and understand complex security events

  • Use intelligent data to make better decisions

  • Comprehend the context of threats to improve detection and proactively prevent them

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Remediate Faster

Vulnerability prioritization streamlines the analysis, remediation, and mitigation process by focusing efforts on identifying context around a vulnerability. The VSCORE allows you to focus remediation efforts on the most critical issues first.

Includes information on:

  • Actively exploited vulnerabilities

  • Vulnerabilities with weaponized and public exploits

  • How critical business systems could be impacted

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Validate Effectiveness of Security Controls

Collecting risk data and information is only one part of a vulnerability management program. Ultimately, organizations must remediate vulnerabilities once they are identified. VULNERA helps you close the detection–remediation loop by:

  • Resting and validating security controls

  • Documenting the “how” and “why” issues were closed

  • Visualizes historical progress across the environment

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Discover Additional Features

Asset Insights

Identify and monitor IT assets on the network

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Real-Time Dashboards

Quickly visualize essential security data

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Audit-Ready Reporting

Be prepared for your security audit

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