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Continuous vulnerability identification, prioritization, and validation.
You focus on what matters: remediation.

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A New Era in Vulnerability Management

Organizations need to know where vulnerabilities exist in their environments, the order they should be remediated in, and their current status. Scoring tools, attack simulation, automated penetration testing, attack surface analysis, breach emulation – none of these matter if the organization is not able to identify real vulnerabilities and to validate that remediation efforts have been successful. The organization needs vulnerability insight now and we’re here to help.

VULNERA performs continuous vulnerability identification, prioritization, and remediation validation, so you can focus on what matters most: remediation.


Continuous Assessments

documentation of best practices

Real-Time Dashboard


Remediation Validation

strengthen weaknesses

Contextualized Prioritization

communication with stakeholders

Executive-Level Reporting

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For All Kinds of Teams

No matter your role, remediation tracking helps satisfy the needs of your executives, technology and security teams, and operations and project management teams. Provides independent confirmation that mitigation efforts are working.

Our Approach

assess environment


  • Continuous asset and service discovery
  • Aggregation of data across assessment period

  • Automatic tracking of new, open, and resolved issues
prioritize risk


  • Prioritized roadmap of recommended fixes
  • Analyst debrief for context and domain expertise
  • Assignment of risk score
remediate vulnerabilities


  • Identify mitigation options
  • Patching, blocking, or otherwise fixing

  • Accept risk and inform stakeholders

validate effectiveness of security controls


  • Re-test and validate success of remediation
  • Identify any new vulnerabilities
  • Annual penetration testing (Continuous offering only)
real time and historical reporting


  • Real-time dashboard with report card
  • Audit-ready executive, technical, and differential reports

  • Letter of Attestation

Raise the Bar on Cybersecurity Defenses

If you want a solution where someone will look after you 24/7 and give you a very flexible, professional, and quality service – you want VULNERA. The continuous testing provided very credible findings, insights, and outlined clear improvements that we were able to implement to improve our security. The whole process raised the bar of our cybersecurity defenses.

Alfred Valerio
Chief Information Security Officer

Who We Help

What To Expect

penetration test

Aggregated Scan Data

More than just a point in time assessment. Multiple passes for superior coverage

analyze the environment

Real-Time & Historical Insights

Insight into the current risk profile as well as change in risk over time

prioritization roadmap

Remediation Roadmap

Prioritized and contextualized remediation roadmap

decision making

Analyst Debrief

Contextualized data with a vulnerability management expert

aggregate data

Remediation Testing

Testing and tracking of new, remediated, and persistent vulnerabilities

aggregate data

Audit-Ready Reporting

Industry vetted reporting and supporting documentation to pass your audits

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