VSCORE Adds Context
to CVSS Scores

Identify the greatest risks to your organization based on actual exploitability.

Determine Which Vulnerabilities Pose the Highest Risk

Prioritization in a world of hundreds or thousands of vulnerabilities is a necessity for even the most advanced security teams. Not everything can be mitigated – and only a small percentage could be exploited within your environment.

That’s where VSCORE prioritization helps. Automatically classify and prioritize threats found within your environment – quickly identifying those which are the most critical to your operation. No AI or ML required.

Download this Solutions Brief to learn:

  • Why you should consider more than a CVSS score when prioritizing vulnerabilities

  • What is VSCORE prioritization and how it works

  • How VSCORE helps security teams remediate faster and reduce alert fatigue

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2 %- 5% of Vulnerabilities Exploited

Research shows that 2% to 5% of your vulnerabilities will be exploited, but CVSS can assign as many as 40% of all CVEs a score of 7 or higher.

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