Prevent Breaches from Happening.

The only thing worse than a cyber attack is multiple attacks. Take steps so it doesn’t happen again.

Identify and Remediate Vulnerabilities

Not only are the number of cyber attacks increasing — statistics show two-thirds of companies that suffered attacks were hit again within a year.

Don’t become another statistic. VULNERA helps security teams improve their security posture while reducing manual workloads.

  • Continuously detect threats across internal, external, and cloud environments
  • Automatically classify and prioritize critical vulnerabilities ranked on exploitability
  • Retest and validate security controls are working

VULNERA helps you take the steps necessary to help prevent another cyber attack. Download the Data Breach Response Checklist for actionable steps you can take once you suspect a breach has occurred.

Download Checklist

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Discovery. Assessment. Threat Prioritization. Remediation Tracking.

Monitor and validate all your vulnerability management in one place.


Quickly visualize essential security data


Validate effectiveness of security controls


Track trends over time to reduce overall risk


Focus on the critical issues that matter most